Welcome to The PeppyPaws Resort


What are your hours?

We are open Monday to Sunday between 11am to 6pm. We request new customers to call and book a trial session slot prior to their visit.

Do you take walk ins for overnight stay?

No, we do not take walk ins for overnight stay. For the safety of our current guests and safety of our staff prior reservations are required. We understand emergencies happen and if you are a member or a current guest of the resort you may contact anytime to make last minute arrangements.

How do I make a reservation?

Please call 8805989128/9 or email peppypawspetresort@gmail.com.

What is a trial session and is it compulsory?

Peppy paws is a unique resort and an alternative option for pet owners. We are a socialized dog resort providing a safe and fun environment for your dog. The trial session is a full resort introduction as well as owner/pet evaluation. During this time we want to make sure your dog is comfortable at our facility so you can leave your pets with us worry free. We consider it as the first day of ‘school’. We spend one on one time with your pet and slowly introduce to the other friendly dogs. It’s important that your dog gets acclimated to the sights, smells, sounds of the resort prior to boarding.

What documents are needed to board the pets?

Current up to date vaccination records are compulsory. All guests need to be treated with an effective tick and flea treatment minimum 4 days prior to boarding. De-worming should be done on schedule. Kennel cough vaccine needs to be given, if not administered during that year.

What food is provided to all guests?

We follow the same eating schedule given at home. Pets used to home cooked meals are given fresh cooked boneless chicken mixed with vegetables and rice. Puppies if used to puppy food we ask the pet owners to get their respective puppy food for the required no of days in an airtight container as puppies are sensitive to sudden dietary changes.

Will you give my dog their medicine?

Of course and it is included in your stay! Just make sure medication is clearly labeled and dosage instructions are included.

Will you accept my female dog while she is on heat for overnight boarding?

Absolutely. Because a female in heat can stress our male guests staying at the resort and extra cleanup is involved, an additional 100 Rs per day fee applies. We also require dogs in heat stay in an individual area to make their stay comfortable. She will enjoy private play an walks with a staff member each day.

Can my dog catch something from other dogs?

Like children at school and people at work, your dog is exposed to diseases ( such as canine kennel cough) whether they are at home, dog park, vet, pet store, meeting other dogs on a walk or at the kennel. We take every precaution by requiring vaccinations and providing clean and sanitary environment. If any dog becomes sick while at stay we notify the owners immediately, isolate the dog and take to their vet if necessary. We have an in house vet for weekly general checks of all the furry guests.

Do the dogs ever fight and get injured?

In a socialized environment accidents can happen since dogs will be dogs and they use only their mouth and legs to play. Therefore a trial session prior to boarding helps us to screen the various dog behaviors, whether they are friendly or not. Only the friendly dogs are given the chance to socialize with the other friendly furry guests and are supervised all the time by our trained staff.

My pets have never been away from home,will they be ok?

A large majority of our visitors actually don’t want to leave the resort, they often run back to us to get one more cuddle or sniff one more time. Dogs are social animals they love human company as well as company of other dogs. This is what they get at Peppy Paws whenever they come for a vacation, there is always something new to see and sniff out there.