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We require a veterinarian certificate indicating proof of vaccination. A 7 day waiting period is required after the first administration of a vaccination or if it has expired.

Small Breeds ( 20kg and below ) Medium Breeds (20 - 40kg) Large & Giant Breeds (40kg and above)
Rs 500 per day Rs 600 per day Rs 700 per day

Terms and Conditions

1. Dogs will accepted for boarding only if they are found fit and healthy.
2. Dogs should not have any ticks/fleas/skin diseases or any other contagious diseases.
3. Aggressive dogs will not accepted as boarders.
4. In case of any illness major or minor, the dog shall be referred to the vet as per the detailed given in the form.
5. In the event of non availability of your vet doctor the service our in house vet should be availed of
6.All assistance including medical care will be rendered and duty provided, the client will be excepted to bear the cost.
7.If the dogs not it thru any acute disease in spite of the medical treatment provided, the management is not responsible in terms of cash or kind. To this effect a veterinary certificate and details of the treatment rendered shall be provided.
8. If there is no communication of any sort from the pet parents, 5 days after the scheduled pick up date, the management is not responsible for the dog in any which way.
9. A dog's stay can be cancelled by the management at any time.
10. All payment to be made in advance.

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